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About our firm

Green Legal is an Oklahoma City law firm formed in 2019 exclusively to provide legal services to Oklahoma medicinal marijuana businesses. Our firm offers legal services related to all facets of starting, operating, and expanding your medicinal marijuana business, as well as general counsel, civil litigation, and criminal litigation services. From forming your business entity, drafting corporate documents, drafting contracts, and business licensing to compliance matters and corporate mergers, Green Legal is here to handle whatever challenges your medicinal marijuana business may face.

Our attorney, Collin W. Rockett, has been practicing law in Oklahoma since April 2013. Mr. Rockett has set up and licensed over fifty (50) medicinal marijuana businesses in Oklahoma, and is ready to put his legal experience to work for your medicinal marijuana business!

Whether you are starting a medicinal marijuana business or have been operating for some time, Green Legal can provide you with the necessary tools to protect and continue growing your business. Call (405) 698-1400 to schedule a free thirty (30) minute consultation with our knowledgeable attorney. During your free consultation, our attorney will explain all the ways Green Legal can contribute to the success of your medicinal marijuana business.

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